Topia // a Predicament

What would you let die?

Premiere: 27.11.19 Tanzhaus Zürich
28.11.19 and 29.11.19

The exponential function is never found in the nature to grow indefinitely.
It always end up with a collapse and a self-regulation.
There are no solutions. It’s going to be difficult, unpleasant, violent.

Wake up from our global anesthesia.

And as it collapses, we will need palliative care.
Bring palliative care in every single posture and movement, in our attention, in our intention.
Palliative care as a way to relate to everyone and everything, to listen, to be together, to merge.

We gather bodies in a resisting movement allowing the emerging of solidarity and interdependency.
A dual state of vulnerability and strengthening.
These gatherings are temporary work sites for inventing new utopia, attached locally in space, micro bubbles becoming topia.
A deformation of the time-space, hoping that our presence and actions will still resonate and gravitate afterwards.
A field distorsion, a local gravity variation, a pulse.


Concept / Choreography / Performance – Simon Fleury
Music / Sound Installation / Performance – Fabian Gutscher
Performance / co-Choreographie – Yohan Vallée
Dramaturgy / co-Choreography – Rosie Terry Toogood
Kit-Costume Design – Margot Charbonnier at Sample-CM
Coaches – Lea Moro and Marc Streit
Light – Anutoshen Hüer
Coproduction – Fluctuat / Tanzhaus Zürich

With the kind support of Elisabeth Weber Stiftung.