Born Out // ou le management du presse-citron

Born Out Simon Fleury Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich

Saturation. Through every day practices and external stimuli, our body is pressed and constrained, layers over layers.
The memory of the body takes everything in, till it saturates, till the exhaustion, till the crash. Burn Out. Deletion of the movement knowledge.

But what happens after? Restart? Reset? But what exactly?
The Melancholia flow seeps us somewhere away. But what to do? Fight the flow or accept it, acknowledge it? What can we rebuild? Is there, somewhere deep inside, an original movement that would help to back control on this machine of ours?

Born OUT // Ou le management du presse-citron from Simon Fleury on Vimeo.


PREMIERE: 20.01.2017 INKUBATOR Rote Fabrik, Zürich
Further: 29.05.2017 GRELLER KELLER Schlachthaus Theater Bern (with Aga Pędziwiatr)


Simon Fleury (Concept, Choreography & Dance)
Rakesh Sukesh (Dance)
Milena Keller (Dance)
Manuel Phil. Bischof (Sculpture)
Rouven Gueissaz (Sound)
Anutoshen M. Hüer (Light design)
Meret Schlegel & Andreas Storm (Coaching)
Production: Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Sponsor: Pro Helvetia

Inkubator 2017

Special thanks to: Marco Santi und Toby Francis-Bromley. Tanzhaus Zürich.
And to: Zaida Ballesteros, Charlotte Coosemans, Guillaume Guilherme, Anas Sareen.

Born Out Simon Fleury SaturationBorn Out Crash Simon FleuryBorn Out Simon Fleury Rote FabrikBorn Out Milena Keller Urbewegung Simon FleuryBorn Out Rakesh Sukesh. Urbewegung. Simon Fleury ROte Fabrik


Greller Keller, Schlachthaus Theater Bern / 29 May 2017 // With Aga Pędziwiatr:

Born Out Simon Fleury Aga Pędziwiatr Greller Keller Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Born Out Simon Fleury Aga Pędziwiatr Schalchthaus Theater Bern Greller Keller


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