Group Action : Experimental Freedom

GROUP ACTION : EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM explores what is a ‘space of risk’, through a continuously evolving group process around individuality, collectivity, intimacy and action.
Through this project George wishes to deepen his artistic research into the relational politics within spectatorship and audienceship, and how this intersects with embodiment and empathy. He is interested in ‘the group’ finding ways to be in action, make action, take-action, and that this process is the material and focus for the performance itself. A social choreography.
A collective negotiation between bodies, objects, artist and audience.

Luke George Simon Fleury Experimental Freedom

Proposal /Choreography: Luke George
Sound artist: Nick Roux
Performers & Collaborators: Laura Burgener, Sepi Faust, Simon Fleury, Leon Marič, Benji Sunarjo, Rebecca Weingartner.

Residency @ Tanzhaus Zürich, November 2017
Showing 10th November 2017.

Luke George Trombone Tanzhaus