Simon Fleury is born in 1985 in France.


Simon has an Mechanical Engineer background and first worked for the aircraft industry in Paris and then for the car industry in Zürich.

Simon self-trained himself to dance between Zürich, Wien, Paris and Ghent (Atelier Les Ballets C de la B Alain Platel, with Lisi Estaras, for example)
From 2014 to 2016, he was part of the Tina Mantel company Mann Tanzt and participated to different production as Mann Tanzt Geschichte(n).
With the collective EFSAJEMRCEEJRSDU in 2015 , he started to develop his fluid matter approach of the body.
End of 2016, he started to collaborate with Emilia Giudicelli, and danced in ROUTINE, a documentation of real time (from the collective Fluoressenz, 2017 coproduction Gessnerallee Zürich / Mousonturm Theater Frankfurt). An 8 hours as contemplation, as an attempt for the body to be a document.

As a choreographer, he developed in January 2017 for the Inkubator Festival (Rote Fabrik Zürich) Born Out // ou le management du presse-citron (piece for 3 dancers, production Rote Fabrik Zürich with the support of Pro Helvetia and the Tanzhaus Zürich), exploring the ways of body saturation, the neutral relief into a melancholic stream leading to a deeper access to a primitive movement.
In 2018, he developped Born Out // On Saturation integrating Fabian Gutscher’s music and sound installation in the performative score. This second piece has been presented in Landesmuseum Zürich (Zürich Tanzt) and in the 23. Oltner Tanztage “Feeling and Form” in Olten.

Simon is very concerned in constrains and pressure and how they affect one’s body and the interaction between people.
SATURATION and COLLAPSE with focus on body and society are elements that bare a central focus point in its dance and choreographic practices. Having a mechanical and mathematical background he tries to approach the body and the space on different scale and reference frames.